Friday, April 10, 2009


I write all the time in my head and so after being inspired by my best friend yesterday I've decide to put pen to paper. I'll also use the beautiful journal she gave me, but in my time on the computer I'm going to start here!

So, I turn 35 tomorrow...That just doesn't sound right...27 sounds about right. I don't know how the last 10 years could have gone any faster. Profound events have a way of making time fly I suppose. Marriage, jobs, bigger jobs, infertility and two kids in 16 months to be exact! I don't feel anywhere near 40, I can tell you that and yet on paper it's getting close. You know they tell you so often that "after 35 the chance of birth defects increases" that it really sticks with me in my thoughts about my future. (Kelly needs a sister! But!) And aren't we supposed to start having mammograms and other major tests to see just how well we are holding up under age now? I guess I am especially due since my Mother was recently diagnosed with breast cancer...luckily stage 1...

I worked in Non profits for 12 years before deciding to stay home with my two children. So, maybe I'll share a thing or two about that. I'd like to think I could help some Non profit Executive Director who feels like she/he needs to know so much about so many things with no available money and few resources. Perhaps I can help.

My days are almost always funny and so I'll share a little of that too. Kids do "say the darndest things". I feel like I've learned a lot about what to do and what not to do as a parent of toddlers, but I still have so much to learn. They pass one stage and you think you've really accomplished something then they just hit another one and you realize just how forever this commitment really is! For us now it's discipline and I just wish I was surrounded my women who could tell me what they've learned. Maybe that can happen here as well.

Looking forward to it.

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